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197. Thirteen Icons

It's been a pretty busy few months for me so I didn't make any icons in August or September, and I just realised I never posted these from end of May – July here, so here's a mini icon dump. Maybe finally posting these will motivate me to make some more icons before October is through! Click on the banner at the bottom to see all the great icons made for the Comedy Battle. (Click on individual icons to see the screencaps they were made from, or go here for the album of screencaps from this post.)

Films [1]
MCU (Wonder Woman) [1]

Television [12]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine [4]
Galavant [6]
The Good Place [1]
The IT Crowd [1]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for movieslims R30 (Wonder Woman) contd. & the Comedy Battle at icontalking

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196. Sixty-Three Icons

Icon dump from April and May, including three battles (click on the banners at the bottom to go to the respective results posts). Click on individual icons to go to the original screencap, or go here for all the screencaps used in this post.

[Films [25]]Films [25]
Disney (Brave, Frozen 2) [11]
Harry Potter [1]
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil [3]
MCU (Wonder Woman) [5]
The Mask of Zorro [1]
Narnia [1]
The Phantom of the Opera [2]
The Sound of Music [1]

[Television [34]]Television [34]
Agent Carter [1]
Anne With An E [1]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine [7]
Downton Abbey [1]
The Durrells [5]
Legend of the Seeker [1]
Lucifer [7]
Medici: Masters of Florence [2]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [2]
North and South (2004) [1]
Outlander [2]
The Pillars of the Earth [1]
Timeless [2]
The White Princess [1]

Alternates [4]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for movieslims R30 (Wonder Woman), Period Drama Battle at sininferno, elitesimplicity C265 (Yellow), the7days C233 (7x7 Bingo), Brooklyn Nine-Nine Battle at sininferno, itsabattlefield Partner Battle 2 & icontalking Fantasy Fandoms Battle

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195. Forty Icons

Icon dump of icons I made in March. Each icon is linked to the main screencap used, and all screencaps used in this post are here. Been quite a productive month apparently, can't think why that might be… Hope everyone is staying safe, staying indoors, and taking care of themselves and those around them xx

[Films [8]]Films [8]
Cinderella (2015) [1]
Crazy Rich Asians [1]
Disney etc. (How to Train Your Dragon 3, Lilo and Stitch) [2]
The Greatest Showman [1]
Maleficent: Mistress of Evil [1]
Mamma Mia [1]
MCU (Wonder Woman) [1]

[Television [31]]Television [31]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine [1]
Firefly [4]
Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life [1]
The Good Place [1]
Legend of the Seeker [2]
Merlin [1]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [10]
Once Upon a Time [1]
Outlander [1]
Timeless [8]
Victoria [1]

Alternates [1]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for capicontest C95 (Royalty), elitesimplicity C262 (Headwear), capicontest C96 (Flotation Device), user R30 (Wonder Woman) C1, tvshowsic C251 (One Season Shows), capicontest C97 (Pastels), elitesimplicity C264 (Close Contact) & the7days C232 (7 Reasons to Watch My Favourite Show)

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194. Best Icon(s) of 2019

A little late, but the results at bestof_icons came in a while back and my best icon of 2019 was...

The rest of my top 9 were:

It's quite a mixture of styles, fandoms, and how early/late in the year the icons were made and I'm not really sure how to interpret that. I have been making an active effort to try new things and not always stick to the same style, so it's nice to see some of the more experimental icons in here, especially the text ones. Some of these were super simple to make though, not what I think of as my 'best' efforts, but at least one of my personal favourites (DTF Holt ;D) made it in there.

Anyway, thank you to everyone who took the time to vote! Take a look at everyone's best icon of 2019 by clicking the banner below!

My winning icons to date:

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193. Twenty-Eight Icons

First post of 2020, and it's a belated icon dump from January as I haven't made anything in February so far. I had a three-month break at the end of 2019 from icon-making while I was away with work so I felt incredible rusty making these, but it was nice to be getting back into the habit. I recently saw Frozen 2 and also saw Legend of the Seeker for the first time, and the similar (or so I think, anyone agree?) appearance of Bridget Regan and Abigail Spencer made me think a rewatch of Timeless was in order, so there are a few icons from all of those in here, as well as some extras from various challenges.

ETA: A gallery of all the screencaps used in this post can be found here.

Disney (Frozen 2) [4]

[Television [24]]Television [24]
Agent Carter [1]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine [1]
Downton Abbey [1]
Game of Thrones [1]
Legend of the Seeker [7]
Merlin [1]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [1]
Once Upon a Time [1]
Outlander [3]
Timeless [7]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for your_favourites C87 (Into/Titles), capicontest C92 (Four Seasons) & tvshowsic C246 (Villains)

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