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189. Twenty-Five Icons

I haven't made many icons per month lately so didn't see the point in a monthly icon dump, but I've just reached a nice round 25 so thought I would catch up posting icons I've made for various challenges to here. Some of these are from as far back in May, some are from less than a week ago.

[Films [8]]Films [8]
Cinderella (2015) [1]
The Greatest Showman [1]
MCU (Aquaman, Black Panther) [5]
Titanic [1]

[Television [17]]Television [17]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine [5]
Game of Thrones [7]
Timeless [3]

Alternates [2]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for movieslims R26 (Black Panther) contd., tv_movie_icons C399 (Aquaman), elitesimplicity C244 (Out of Focus), color_inspired C148 (Lavander Paradise), movieslims R27 (Game of Thrones) & capicontest C85 (Big Text, Little Text)

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188. Thirty-Seven Icons

I didn't make any icons in March, so this is exclusively an April icon dump. Click on the icon to see the screencap used. ETA: An album with all the screencaps used in this post is here.

MCU (Black Panther) [2]
Pride and Prejudice [2]

[Television [33]]Television [33]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine [12]
The Durrells [5]
Magnificent Century/Muhteşem Yüzyıl [1]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [4]
The Spanish Princess [8]

Alternates [3]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for movieslims R26 (Black Panther), itsabattlefield Small Battle 17 (Techniques/Themes), perioddrama_ic C19 (Fashion Accessory), the7days C228 (7x7 Bingo), elitesimplicity C242 (Mini-Series) & your_favourites C68 (Techniques)

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187. Best Icon(s) of 2018

The votes are in at bestof_icons and my best icon of 2018 was...

The rest of my top 11 were:

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote! Take a look at everyone's best icon of 2018 by clicking the banner below!

My winning icons to date:

I still need to do my progression post from 2018 which will also contain some of my personal favourites from last year - it's on my to-do list!