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204. Tutorial #20 - How to Create Text Along a Path in GIMP

Tutorial: How to create text along a path in GIMP
Version / Transferability: I am currently using GIMP 2.10.22 but this should be transferable to other versions of GIMP.
Prior knowledge required: This tutorial assumes you know how to create new layers, create basic text, change active foreground colour, change active layer, turn off layer visibility.
References: I used this tutorial to learn how to do this process, so it forms the basis of this tutorial.

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203. Thirty-Five Icons

Had a bit of a surge in icon-making in March after I finally figured out how to warp text in GIMP!!! I entered a number of challenges and battles so most, if not all, of these have been posted elsewhere before, but here's my wrap-up from March all together.

[Films [7]]Films [7]
The Legend of Zorro [1]
Persuasion (2007) [1]
The Ruby in the Smoke [1]
The Sound of Music [1]
Stardust [3]

[Television [24]]Television [28]
Bridgerton [10]
The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel [4]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [1]
North & South (2004) [3]
Outlander [1]
Timeless [5]

Stock [4]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for capicontest C121 (Two Fonts), elitesimplicity C286 (Never Iconed Before), stocklove_ic C17 (Wild and Free), perioddrama_ic C40 (Girl Power), itsabattlefield Big Battle 20 (Favourite Period Drama Male Characters), color_inspired C223 (Raspberry Reveillez) & itsabattlefield Small Battle 43 (Odd Cropping)

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202. Twenty-Eight Icons

First post of 2021 with icons from January and February. I tried and failed miserably at switching over to PhotoShop, but I did update the version of GIMP I use from 2.8.6 to 2.10.22 at the start of February, so I've had to adjust to things being slightly different to what I am expecting! Don't think I'll be trying PS again for a while, I'm just too set in my ways and it was way too different!

[Films [7]]Films [7]
Disney (Brave) [4]
MCU (Wonder Woman 1984) [1]
Narnia [1]
The Phantom of the Opera [1]

[Television [17]]Television [17]
Anne With An E [5]
Bridgerton [2]
The Good Place [1]
Jane the Virgin [4]
Merlin [1]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [2]
Timeless [2]

Stock [4]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for stocklove_ic C11 (Winter Wonderland), elitesimplicity C281 (Too Soon), capicontest C117 (The Great Outdoors), bestof_icons Remakes 2020, capicontest C118 (Heather and Moss), capicontest C119 (Painted), elitesimplicity C284 (Hairporn) & perioddrama_ic C39 (Animated)

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201. Best Icon(s) of 2020

The results of bestof_icons 2020 came back, and my best icon of 2020 was...

The rest of my top 13 were:

So it turns out green was a popular choice in my icons last year, which I guess makes sense as it's probably my favourite colour and I really enjoy making icons using it, which probably shows! I'm also really pleased to see some of my attempts at more complex compositions show up here as I've been trying to really focus on that lately. My 'best' icon wasn't necessarily my favourite, but it does have some different colouring and textures in it that I was trying out, so it's nice to see that experimentation pays off!

Thank you to everyone who took the time to vote! Take a look at everyone's best icon of 2020 by clicking the banner below!

My winning icons to date:
2013 | 2014 | 2015 | 2016

2017 | 2018 | 2019 | 2020
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199. Fifteen Icons

Final post of 2020 to compile all my remaining icons this year. Hope 2021 treats us all a whole lot better than 2020 did ♥

Films [3]
Enola Holmes [1]
The Greatest Showman [1]
Kingsman: The Secret Service [1]

[Television [12]]Television [12]
Anne With An E [2]
Castle [1]
Elementary [1]
The Great [1]
His Dark Materials [1]
Lucifer [1]
Merlin [1]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [1]
The Spanish Princess [1]
Spinning Out [1]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for capicontest C113 (Primary Colours), elitesimplicity C279 (Vintage), bestof_icons 2019 Remake, capicontest C114 (Criminal) & capicontest C115 (Aurora)

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198. Twenty-Seven Icons

Icon dump from October and November below! All screencaps/images used in this post (except the stock which were from my own photographs) can be found here.

[Films [8]]Films [8]
Disney (Aladdin 2019, Frozen II) [4]
Mamma Mia [1]
MCU (Black Panther) [2]
Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears [1]

[Television [13]]Television [13]
Agent Carter [1]
Anne With An E [3]
Game of Thrones [1]
The Great [1]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [2]
The Spanish Princess [5]

Stock [5]

Alternates [1]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for capicontest C110 (It's Not Easy Being Green), capicontest C111 (Costume Porn), elitesimplicity C277 (Random TV Tropes), perioddrama_ic C35 (Provided Resources), your_favourites C107 (Period TV Show) & capicontest C112 (Spring Forward, Fall Back)

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197. Thirteen Icons

It's been a pretty busy few months for me so I didn't make any icons in August or September, and I just realised I never posted these from end of May – July here, so here's a mini icon dump. Maybe finally posting these will motivate me to make some more icons before October is through! Click on the banner at the bottom to see all the great icons made for the Comedy Battle. (Click on individual icons to see the screencaps they were made from, or go here for the album of screencaps from this post.)

Films [1]
MCU (Wonder Woman) [1]

Television [12]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine [4]
Galavant [6]
The Good Place [1]
The IT Crowd [1]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for movieslims R30 (Wonder Woman) contd. & the Comedy Battle at icontalking

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