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Best of Icons 2017
Split Loyalties
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5th-Oct-2018 07:29 pm - Icons from 2016 & before
[gg]; lorelai; coffee
Because of PhotoBucket's recent changes, none of my icons posted during or before July 2016 are visible anymore. I intend to reupload all the ones I have saved to my computer but this is a really big job to replace all the links! In the mean time, I have linked each post with broken images to a folder containing all the icons that belong to that post.
30th-Sep-2018 01:22 pm - Promo: landofart Phase 11
[b&tb]; belle & beast; purple

Join the new phase over at landofart here!
Don't forget to let them know that novindalf of Team Renaissance sent you!
29th-Sep-2018 09:53 pm - 182. Thirty-One Icons
[mfmm]; phryne; silly
Have been without internet for the past month so tried to kill a little time by iconning for a change – including some majorly belated remakes! Here are a load of icons I made in September, and a couple from July too.

[Films [5]]Films [5]
Beauty and the Beast (2017) [1]
The Greatest Showman [2]
Harry Potter [1]
Mean Girls [1]

[Television [26]]Television [26]
Castle [1]
Game of Thrones [6]
Jessica Jones [4]
Merlin [1]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [8]
Once Upon a Time [1]
Outlander [1]
Poldark [3]
Vikings [1]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for lims_movie R38 (Harry Potter) (contd.), movieslims R23 (Multi-Fandom) (contd.) & bestof_icons 2017 Remake activity (contd.)

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20th-Jul-2018 08:37 pm - 181. Thirty Icons
[hp]; hogwarts; home
All icons from June and some from July so far, as I continue my theme of procrastinating from revision...

Films [10]
Harry Potter [6]
Marvel Cinematic Universe (Thor: Ragnarok, Wonder Woman) [4]

Television [20]
Medici: Masters of Florence [1]
Merlin [16]
Outlander [1]

Alternates [1]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for merlinstills C270 (In Memory), landofart Phase 10 C6 (Hide and Seek Characters) R6, capicontest C57 (Slip Into Spring), lims_movie R38 (Harry Potter) (contd.), landofart Phase 10 C6 (Hide and Seek Characters) R7, movieslims R23, landofart Phase 10 C6 (Hide and Seek Characters) R9,
merlinstills S1 Battle & landofart Phase 10 C6 (Hide and Seek Characters) R10 (Final Round)

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4th-Jun-2018 06:34 pm - 180. Twenty-Six Icons
[b&tb]; belle & beast; purple
Started this challenge thinking it would be multi-fandom and it ended up not only mono-fandom but also (mostly) mono-character! In my defence, Morgana is so icon-able! Also I've missed iconning my older fandoms like Merlin, although the caps are so LQ! (Btw, X is a bit obscure but it was quite a stretch to find anything that vaguely fitted!)

As always, each icon is linked to the original screencap, or you can see all the screencaps used in this post here.

Television [26]
Merlin [26]

Includes entry for landofart Phase 10 C11 (Do You Know Your ABCs)

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3rd-Jun-2018 07:25 pm - 179. Thirty-Two Icons
[mfmm]; phryne & jack; shhh
Icons from May 2018 below! All screencaps used can be found here, or alternatively click the icon for the (main) screencap used in that icon.

Warning: Contains spoilery icons for the OUaT finale!

[Films [5]]Films [5]
Disney (Aladdin, Hercules, Mulan) [3]
Harry Potter [1]
Maleficent [1]

[Television [27]]Television [27]
Brooklyn Nine-Nine [3]
Castle [1]
Gilmore Girls [1]
Gilmore Girls: A Year In the Life [1]
Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries [10]
Once Upon a Time [5]
Outlander [2]
Robin Hood [4]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for elitesimplicity C217 (All Dressed Up), landofart Phase 10 C6 (Hide and Seek Characters R3), landofart Phase 10 C6 (Hide and Seek R4), iimpossibletask C100 (Happily Ever After), lims_movie 38 (Harry Potter), oddlyspecificon C23 (Colours Palette + Hair Porn), landofart Phase 10 C6 (Hide and Seek R5) & landofart Phase 10 C12 (In the Beginning...)

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