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95. Thirty-Five icons

IMPORTANT: Due to PhotoBucket updates and links breaking, all icons from this post have been reuploaded here.

Celebs (Alexander Siddig, Gina Torres, GoT cast) [3]
The Borgias [1]
Disney (various) [10]
Game of Thrones [11]
Labyrinth [1]
Merlin [1]
Robin Hood [6]
The Tudors [2]
includes entries for RHFC Stills #26, iconbattling #6 Disney battle and inspired20in20 Round 33 (AU)


word: dreamcast | word: dreamcast | word: dreamcast | word: dreamcast | word: dreamcast
icon: daynawashere | reinvent | icon: theotherayn | word: dreamcast | word: dreamcast
word: wishlist | word: wishlist | word: dreamcast | word: dream | icon: wildpages
icon: erzsebet | word: changes | word: reinvent | word: displace | word: crossover
[explanations]1 - Richard Armitage as Victarion Greyjoy

2 - Angel Coulby as Arianne Martell
3 - Annabelle Wallis as Joanna Lannister
4 - Jessica Brown-Findlay as Lyanna Stark
5 - Alexander Siddig as Doran Martell
6 - Richard Madden/Robb Stark as Godric Gryffindor
7 - genre-swap Game of Thrones as a thriller
8 - Michelle Fairley/Catelyn Stark as Demeter
9 - Gina Torres as Mellario of Norvos
10 - Joely Richardson as Alerie Hightower Tyrell
11 - Ned Stark as King of the Seven Kingdoms
12 - Catelyn Tully Stark as Queen of the Seven Kingdoms
13 - Holliday Grainger as older!Myrcella Baratheon
14 - Daenerys' dream in the House of the Undying
15 - genre-swap Game of Thrones as a comedy
16 - genre-swap Game of Thrones as a fashion show
17 - Cersei and Margaery as BFFs
18 - genre-swap (ish) Game of Thrones as a horror
19 - modern-day AU
20 - crossover with Mean Girls

Tags: !icons, !icons: 2014, !reuploading, #26, #6, *comm: iconbattling, +contest: inspired20in20, +contest: rhfc robin hood stills, book: a song of ice and fire, celeb: alexander siddig, celeb: gina torres, film: aladdin (disney), film: disney etc. films, film: frozen 1 (disney), film: frozen films (disney), film: lilo & stitch (disney), film: robin hood (disney), film: tangled, film: the hunchback of notre dame, film: the lion king (disney), film: the sword in the stone, film: winnie the pooh, tv: game of thrones, tv: labyrinth, tv: merlin (bbc), tv: robin hood (bbc), tv: the borgias, tv: the tudors
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