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97. Two tutorials, Ten icons & My favourite textures

IMPORTANT: Due to PhotoBucket updates and links breaking, all icons from this post have been reuploaded here.

Finally caught up on Ask the Maker 5.0 and the Icon Friends Forever friending meme! It's taken me far too long, but better late than never!

Game of Thrones [10]

For the Icon Friends Forever friending meme:
shameless666 asked: Top 5 favourite characters from GoT?
Catelyn | Sansa | Jaime | Arya | Joffrey

ofthesea asked: Top 5 GoT shocking moments?
Red Wedding | Ned's death | King's Landing riots | Bran’s fall | Viserys’ crowning

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For Ask the Maker 5.0:
for vapor
Annoyingly I had deleted the xcf file, so I’ll try to reconstruct it from scratch.

1. Start with this cap and crop it down to something like this
2. Duplicate the layer and set it to Screen, increase the saturation of the Screen level to 100 to get this
3. Resize it down to 100x100

4. Create a text layer like this, font Governor, size 10, set it on Soft Light to about 83.3
5. Take this paint texture (by unknown maker), crop off the non-paint bits and resize to 100x100, then erase the bottom left bit so it’s this kind of shape and set it to Screen at about 60.0
6. Create a new layer from visible, and adjust the Hue of this new layer to 5, and the Saturation to 20

Done! Actually pretty easy to make :P

Original | Reconsruction

(I have a feeling I may have used the Folks Bold font instead of Governor in the original actually)

for vapor
1. Take this cap and extend the space above her head, using the colour drop tool, so the image is square. Should look roughly like this.
2. Crop the image to look like this
3. Duplicate the image, set layer to Screen, reduce Saturation to -70. Duplicate the Screen layer again six more times (so you have seven identical screen layers on top of the original layer – seems excessive, I know). Should now look like this
4. Duplicate one more screen layer at the top, this time set to Soft Light, reduce Saturation to -100. Duplicate the Soft Light layer once, and adjust curves to this. Duplicate this adjusted layer once. Should now look like this.
5. Resize the whole thing to 100x100

6. This is what I had at this point in the original, so I created a new layer from visible and adjusted the Saturation to -25, then duplicated this layer and set to Screen and adjusted the curves of this layer to this. Much better:

7. Take this texture by nyvelvet, paste as a new layer on the top, and erase all the white circle interior

8. Recolour the texture layer (Colours -> Colorize) to this

9. Create new layer from visible and adjust curves to this

10. Take this texture by rebel and set to Screen

11. Create new layer from visible, erase Sansa, adjust curves a bit to this and adjust Hue/Saturation to this

Original | Reconstructed

My tutorials are intended to demonstrate my icon-making process, and hopefully to help other icon makers - they are not here so anyone can copy my work, so please don't!

Favourite textures for nightbulbs

ellaangelus | val_valerie | midnight_road | lookslikerain | rebel

ellaangelus | ellaangelus | trapne | ellangelus | trapne

softstarless | barstr7 | lookslikerain | lookslikerain | innocent_lexys

innocent_lexys | messdestruction | rebel | innocent_lexys | innocent_lexys

innocent_lexys | innocent_lexys | innocent_lexys | innocent_lexys | innocent_lexys

juanxyo | vetica | raiindust | fuuurs | mm3butterfly

innocent_lexys | innocent_lexys | nyvelvet | ohfreckle | jim_panse

scoobyatemysnax | azuremonkey | lumsx | innocent_lexys | scoobyatemysnax

slayground | raiindust | tinebrella | vetica | vetica

vetica | lookslikerain | lookslikerain | juanxyo

Large textures:
jaehos @ Tumblr
northerndawn @ Tumblr
callmebrandon @ Tumblr
callmebrandon @ Tumblr
callmebrandon @ Tumblr
colordrop @ LJ
accio-glow @ Tumblr
wolfatmidnight @ LJ
mm3butterfly @ LJ
mm3butterfly @ LJ
raiindust @ LJ
scoobyatemysnax @ LJ
wolfatmidnight @ LJ

Unknown makers:

Ask The Maker 5.0 || My Thread
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