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103. Thirty-Eight icons

IMPORTANT: Due to PhotoBucket updates and links breaking, all icons from this post have been reuploaded here.

Disney/Fairytale dreamcast [3]
for iimpossibletask #13

Merlin [1], Robin Hood BBC [24]
for RHFC 20in20 #18 and RHFC Stills #29

Avengers [1], Disney (The Lion King, Tangled) [2], Dracula [1], Game of Thrones [2], The Hunger Games [1], The Musketeers [1], Reign [1], The White Queen [1]
for iconsomething #7, s1icontest #22, icon_crack Vibrant and elite_inspired #49

(hover for details)
Lara Pulver (Robin Hood) as Mother Gothel (Tangled) Sophia Myles (Doctor Who) as Cinderella Sophie Turner as Ariel (The Little Mermaid) [1-3]

THEMES - from behind | close crop | two corners | dramatic black & white | vibrant
THEMES - recast* | strength | doubt | favourite scene** | sweet
CATEGORY - Monochromatic
ARTIST'S CHOICE - Muted Close Crop
*recasting Katie McGrath as Marian because she's a 'BBC actress', and some aspects of Morgana were rather similar to Marian
**one of my many favourite scenes, this is during A Thing or Two About Loyalty where Marian goes to talk to Guy by the tree in the courtyard - it's such a pretty scene :)




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