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148. Fifty-Six Icons

IMPORTANT: Due to PhotoBucket updates and links breaking, all icons from this post have been reuploaded here.

[Fandoms]Black Swan [3]
Castle [14]
Cinderella [2]
Disney (Frozen, The Lion King, Tarzan) [5]
Doctor Who [7]
Game of Thrones [4]
Harry Potter [1]
The Huntsman: Winter’s War [2]
Maleficent [3]
North and South [1]
Once Upon a Time [3]
Outlander [3]
Pirates of the Caribbean [2]
Snow White and the Huntsman [2]
Spooks [1]
The Tudors [1]
The Young Victoria [1]

includes entries for elite_inspired #109, icontalking Golden Oldies Remake Activity (9/18 done), iconsomething #96, theiconthrone #14, iimpossibletask #56, bestof_icons 2015 Remakes, the7days #168, color_inspired #5, elitesimplicity #168, theiconthrone #21, theiconthrone #22, color_inspired #6 & unfinished entry for iconsomething #100

I'm trying something new with this post where every icon is hyperlinked to the original screenap. Personally I find it really interesting to see the image an icon started as, so I hope you guys agree. Let me know if this is something you want me to keep doing from now on, or if you just think it's a waste of time ;P (A couple of icons use multiple screencaps - see the & next to the icon for the 2nd link)

&& [36-40]

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♥ Please credit novindalf or split_loyalties
♥ Don't hotlink, alter, steal or repost my icons (especially to Fanpop - this includes uploading to Fanpop but still crediting me)
♥ Feel free to join or watch the comm!
♥ Resources are here and my requests post is here

♥ Thank you!
Tags: !icons, !icons: 2016, !reuploading, #100, #109, #14, #168, #21, #22, #5, #56, #6, #96, %meme: icon remake, &meme, *comm: bestof_icons, *comm: icontalking, *comm: theiconthrone, +contest: color_inspired, +contest: elite_inspired, +contest: elitesimplicity, +contest: iconsomething, +contest: iimpossibletask, +contest: the7days/the14days, film: black swan, film: cinderella (2015), film: disney etc. films, film: frozen 1 (disney), film: frozen films (disney), film: harry potter films, film: huntsman winter's war, film: maleficent, film: pirates of the caribbean films, film: snow white & the huntsman, film: tarzan, film: the lion king (disney), film: the young victoria, tv: castle, tv: doctor who, tv: game of thrones, tv: north and south (2004), tv: once upon a time, tv: outlander, tv: spooks, tv: the tudors
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