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198. Twenty-Seven Icons

Icon dump from October and November below! All screencaps/images used in this post (except the stock which were from my own photographs) can be found here.

[Films [8]]Films [8]
Disney (Aladdin 2019, Frozen II) [4]
Mamma Mia [1]
MCU (Black Panther) [2]
Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears [1]

[Television [13]]Television [13]
Agent Carter [1]
Anne With An E [3]
Game of Thrones [1]
The Great [1]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [2]
The Spanish Princess [5]

Stock [5]

Alternates [1]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for capicontest C110 (It's Not Easy Being Green), capicontest C111 (Costume Porn), elitesimplicity C277 (Random TV Tropes), perioddrama_ic C35 (Provided Resources), your_favourites C107 (Period TV Show) & capicontest C112 (Spring Forward, Fall Back)

Disney (Aladdin 2019, Frozen II) x4, Mamma Mia! x1
MCU (Black Panther) x2, Miss Fisher and the Crypt of Tears x1, Agent Carter x1, Anne With An E x1
Anne With An E x2, Game of Thrones x1, The Great x1, Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries x1
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries x1, The Spanish Princess x4
The Spanish Princess x1, Stock x4
Stock x1, Alternate x1

♥ Comments would be wonderful
♥ Please credit novindalf or split_loyalties
♥ Don't hotlink, alter, steal or repost my icons (especially to Fanpop - this includes uploading to Fanpop but still crediting me)
♥ Feel free to join or watch the comm!
♥ Resources are here and my requests post is here
♥ Thank you!
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