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202. Twenty-Eight Icons

First post of 2021 with icons from January and February. I tried and failed miserably at switching over to PhotoShop, but I did update the version of GIMP I use from 2.8.6 to 2.10.22 at the start of February, so I've had to adjust to things being slightly different to what I am expecting! Don't think I'll be trying PS again for a while, I'm just too set in my ways and it was way too different!

[Films [7]]Films [7]
Disney (Brave) [4]
MCU (Wonder Woman 1984) [1]
Narnia [1]
The Phantom of the Opera [1]

[Television [17]]Television [17]
Anne With An E [5]
Bridgerton [2]
The Good Place [1]
Jane the Virgin [4]
Merlin [1]
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries [2]
Timeless [2]

Stock [4]

[Includes entries for...]Includes entries for stocklove_ic C11 (Winter Wonderland), elitesimplicity C281 (Too Soon), capicontest C117 (The Great Outdoors), bestof_icons Remakes 2020, capicontest C118 (Heather and Moss), capicontest C119 (Painted), elitesimplicity C284 (Hairporn) & perioddrama_ic C39 (Animated)

Disney (Brave) x4, MCU (Wonder Woman 1984) x1
Narnia x1, The Phantom of the Opera x1, Anne With An E x3
Anne With An E x2, Bridgerton x2, The Good Place x1
Jane the Virgin x4, Merlin x1
Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries x2, Timeless x2, stock x1
stock x3

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♥ Don't hotlink, alter, steal or repost my icons (especially to Fanpop - this includes uploading to Fanpop but still crediting me)
♥ Feel free to join or watch the comm!
♥ Resources are here and my requests post is here
♥ Thank you!
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